01 Project O1

Cross-Platform Storytelling: Tell a story that
begins with a web page you build and ends with a
link to the starting point. Your story may be fiction or nonfiction. Traverse at least three platforms in between, leveraging the strengths of each to help
your reader visualize the story.

02 Project O2

Read the short story selections here. Choose
one short story and set the text using HTML and
CSS (JS optional) so that the reader will not only be able to read the story but also experience your interpretation of the story. Use the visual language
of the web—hypertext, responsive design, forms,
color, divs—to express the meaning of your
selected story.

03 Exercise 01

Complete your in class activity: creating a case
study for your partner’s Stories as Networks project for
Thursday. We will look at them as a class.

04 Project O3